By skating at Iceland, skaters agree to and accept responsibility for all of the following:
1. Maintain reasonable control of your speed, course and direction. Do not skate in groups. Do not stop where you obstruct other skaters.

2. Read and abide by all posted signs and warnings, and cooperate with arena staff.

3. Maintain a proper lookout to avoid other skaters, objects, or conditions on the ice surface. Report any hazards to arena staff.

4. Accept responsibility for knowing your range of ability while on skates: skate within the limits of that ability and as appropriate to the session on which you are skating.

5. Refrain from skating while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control impairing substances.

6. Leave the ice surface when resurfacing maintenance is taking place. Keep exits clear and do not sit on the rail. Before getting on the rink, look for oncoming skaters.

7. Refrain from taking food or drink onto the rink surface or the surrounding cap rail. Do not carry children or items while skating.

8. Refrain from acting in a manner that may cause or contribute to injury of yourself or any other person.

9. Refrain from throwing or leaving objects on the rink surface.

10. If using a personal music device, only one earpiece is allowed to be used while on the ice.

11. Refrain from instigating or becoming involved in any type of altercation with any other skater or spectator.

12. Assumption of Risk: By engaging in skating, skaters are deemed to have knowledge of and assume the inherent risks of skating, which include but are not limited to the following:
a. Injuries that result from collisions or contact with other skaters
b. Injuries that result from falls.
c. Injuries that involve objects or artificial structures that are properly within the intended path of travel of the skater.